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THINKer Series: Emma's Story

Emma W.

In the summer of 2018, Emma Whittington had just finished her freshman year of college and was a busy intern at a local church in The Woodlands. Quite suddenly, Emma became ill and bedridden-- forced to see more than a dozen physicians in Texas, Michigan, and Minnesota, getting misdiagnosed with everything from Epstein-barr virus to Multiple sclerosis, and Lyme disease. During this time she was forced to withdraw from school, disappointed to leave her friends and her education. 


Frustrated and desperate, Emma was referred to Dr. Shaun Varghese and his team at THINK Neurology for Kids, where she finally received the care and concern she needed to begin to heal. Dr. Varghese was the first to be able to diagnose Emma correctly. Almost immediately, he was able to attend to her autonomic dysfunction and orthostatic intolerance, which were causing her distressing symptoms of tachycardia, fainting, and fatigue. 


Just a year after beginning her treatment protocol of medications and lifestyle management, Emma is so thankful to be back to being active. She is committed to her university studies and enjoys spending time with her close circle of family and friends. Emma credits the team at THINK Neurology for Kids for giving her back the life she so adores.  

Emma is now just months away from graduating from Baylor University with her Bachelor’s degree. Following graduation, she plans to join the THINK team and is determined to dedicate her life to making sure that kids and young adults get the same thoughtful care and treatment just like she did as a patient. Emma is so proud to be a THINKer! 

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